Material arts practice 2005 to a current works.

Artist Italo Giardina, with marble sculpture of Cassowary.

(1) 2005: Living in a sculpture town, India, for sculptural initiations into stone.

(2) 2006-2007: Wet tropics of Australia studio practice with marble.

(3) 2008-2010: Formative mixed media practice.

(4) 2009-2015: Larger three dimensional works.

(5) 2014-2017: Yogic forms.

(6) 2015-: POP art international

(7) 2017-2018: Travels through India

(8) 2019-2022 (a) Binaries with mixed media

(b) Studies in sublimation prints

(c) Progress of structural binaries

(d) Experiments with steel frames.

(e) A selection of photographic themes that might appear the above works.

(f) A portfolio of urban raw horticultural pursuits.

Foundational period