Mixed media conceptual arts in Townsville, FNQ.

Mixed media dry tropics artist.

A mixed media artwork by Artist Italo GIardina based in FNQ, Townsville.

The ideal locale for mixed media conceptual. Set within a light industrial zone near to Townsville. So this city also gives ample excess to country.

What makes this mixed media?

  • an interdependency of media for conceptual purposes.
  • the use of fine artist oils to industrial fiberglass.
  • a combination of resin as well as natural fiber and stone.
  • also photographic elements through a layer of resin.

Photographic elements.

  • a consideration of various points of view.
  • set of sequences for narrative purposes.
  • an overarching conceptual element.
  • function of print as figurative manifest image over the scientific abstractionism.
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