Material arts part 3: yogic art.

artwork by I. Giardina

Full yogic breath art of living 2012-1016

Yogic art sculptural forms were developed as a distinct project from the previous stages. I had just started a post graduate program in the social sciences at JCU (Townsville campus) that involved studies in the developing world. The previous two phases were based on the philosophy studies at the University of Queensland. However this phase had a more social science sense driven agenda. There was a nostalgic element as well. The new studies validated my 1990’s research into yoga traditions through India.

Sculpting the phenomenology of consciousness.

Although this was a departure from my purely philosophical pursuit in surveying consciousness towards the anthropology and politics of yoga there was overlap. The philosophical angle of consciousness as information fields could be depicted through embedding small figurines with the larger structure. The sociological field as a form of relief from the “iron cage” of modernity as the mapping of various angles of the figurative plane as the body politic.

Material forms as a multi media art practice emerges.

It was after ten years of dabbling in the material arts that various methodologies took hold, in part due to some basic training with specialists in the field, but also experimentation. I took lessons of a retired boat builder in wood turning and carved the turned wood. It was at that time I took a coarse with an established print artist in lino cut relief and etching on soft steel plates. It became a basis for creating sculptural moulds derived from the reliefs which were built up that I cast into resin figurines from latex moulds. However I did keep the prints from that time that related to yoga poses and interests in geometry of M.C. Escher. The travels to Indonesia also had an influence as I bought craft items which included fabric and small objects. My studies in modernisation and the developing world influenced my art practice .