Stages of progress for binary structuralism.

The concept behind binary structuralism.

The series development is contingent on how the structure can support the extended layering of various media on any one side of the binary. The term binary is used rather than diptych because of viewable positional structuralism. That is the notion a viewable side is only ever a sufficient condition and not a necessary condition for viewing both sides simultaneously by token that to see both sides at once it would be through forms of digital manipulation or unless the viewer were themselves inhabiting a real world with mirrors in appropriate locations, or they inhabited a simulation with the appropriate technology that permitted viewable features through a hyper local vision.

There are various motifs dispersed throughout this collection that correlate to the themes under the rubric of projects. So in this sense the viewing order is a random set of depictions that do not correspond as narrative threads between any of the viewable works in progress.