Marble sculpture

artwork by I. Giardina

The sculpture back story.

Upon arriving from my stone sculptural experience that took place in 2005 at Mamallapuram with a sculpture guild of that area I decided to experiment in the tropics of Far North Queensland with tropical marble sculpture.

Selection of a tropical motif

This was a new phase. The academic years in Brisbane inspired a creative vision and so too the hollow timber, music phase previous to that phase. The works in marble seem to reflect on a more innocent phase of material concerns. There are echoes of imagined tropical motifs that I theorise from the sub conscious may even interconnect to my deep past as a child in Rollingstone dry tropics. However the abstractions of the dry tropics only appear as etchings. The lush wet tropical zone with the emblematic cassowary became my figurative guide.

Small steps in creating the wet tropics studio

The tropical marble sculpture phase in a sense was about continuing my practice from my visit in 2005 India were I participated in a stone sculpture guild. I had brought back with me an assortment of chisels and stone grinder tips from my stay with the sculptors guild. This basic set up along with other power tools and the workshop location in Mission beach studio gave the ability to begin my tropical sculpture project in earnest. It was thanks to the enduring support from my parents’ that enabled me to set up a studio on the family property near the Hull river national park. This support gave me the confidence to begin this vision which gradually gave forth a material based art practice.

A blast from the past

The family friend Bruno after so many years (childhood inspiration) assisted in building my studio, giving assistance and advice, and constructed an artist’s rendition of a stone wall, on location. It had an enduring sense of Australian and Austrian connections. Bruno was a sort of adventurer, with an edginess. I position Bruno as a contemporary version of Ludwig Leichhardt, but interpreted possibly like the novelist Patrick White does, in the characterisation of the character, in his novel Voss.

A tropical marble sculpture phase begins.

It was luck to find a business who is selling off large blocks of marble from a mine site out back. The amount of marble allows me to carve out many research pieces that continues to evolve. The joy of material expressionism is overwhelming given the 20 years of my spiritual phase. It was from these tender beginnings that I ventured to experiment with materials other than stone. The stage of mixed media is a sense has a personal historical correlation to childhood and teenager years in the wet tropics. The marble phase was as already mentioned more of a connection to a simple materialism of my years in Rollingstone. It was influenced by my readings of Constntin Brancusi whose pursuit of simplicity was integral to his practice. However a move to the dry tropics brought on a new phase that involved a practice in mixed media.