Mixed media binaries emergent forms.

Studies in supervening elemental’s

The basic structural support for mixed media binaries is fibreglass matt. Colour fields were applied with acrylics and then sealed with resin. This experimental process later developed into smaller more compact versions.

The use of silk sewn onto letter size fibre glass on one side and on the other side are photographic prints is evident throughout the series. Also roles of silk, and the appearance of tissue fibre glass that form ‘circular cones’ appear here and there too. Also figurines of resin that were caste from the sculptures I constructed from wax emerge through in various styles. Experiments in lino cut are a relic from my dabbling in block print process where I found the lino cut an excellent addition to some of the works for they gave me the ability to etch out details as base reliefs of the time I was in Mahabalipuram.