Pop art

artwork by I. Giardina

Pop art International expressionism

The series coined term, international expressionistic colonialism (IEC) are based on discourses around a cluster of theories that position post-colonial states within the rubric of world politics.

Influences from travels and studies of international relations.

It is through travel and research that primarily informs the series of constructions in international expressionism. It was from the 1980’s that international travel to India featured as a cultural phenomenon, and in the 1990’s Indonesia too. A current set of artworks attempts to explore questions around haulage of goods as a form of extraversion that is a concept developed by political scientists to explain how resources are mobilised into the external environment which then form a cyclic return in altogether other forms.

Ghost in the machine

The concept of IEC borrows ontological baggage from the philosopher Gilbert Ryle who coined the term “Ghost in the machine“. The concept was developed to counter the substance dualism of Descartes ontology of mind/body. However the same concept can also apply to international relations as a “ghost of colonisation” that looms over post colonial states. Although rapidly in retreat as world politics takes a multi polar axis there are useful art representations that can illuminate trends and shifts in the paradigm of discourses surrounding current debates.