Photographic themes

A Naturalist impulse

The very basic impulse to capture consciousness as an ephemeral phenomenon of visual perception dates back to early photography. This would be a step removed from subjective visual perception though for the taker of the photograph seemed authentically correlated to the time of perception.

The simplest mode is nature photography given its directness and unhinged from social photography. So the selection is an example of the images that can make their way into the various multi media projects.

Modes of travel

The theme of travel appears in various of the works that deal with exploration for pleasure and the links to trade flows and commodity relocation. A selection such as in this portfolio captures the sense of motion through panning shots taken anywhere from around five meters from the vehicle. To take truck shots a locale needs to be selected where they tend to pass whilst cyclists and tourist vehicles belong to the realm of urban street photography.

City close-up and from far.

The focus of this selection are depictions that offer a perspective consciousness. The composition for the city as negative space and no space fits the philosophy of consciousness as from the view of walking conscious states to dreaming and deep sleep. The view from a distance are those unusual distant conscious states humans rarely can imagine such as the philosophical zombie. The reflects the modern infrastructure as a mirror for the mind as ‘clean lines’ represent the clean uncluttered mind with a rational process that is a modality of geometric structures the citizen inhabits in the city. The classic infrastructure takes on the uncanny scene of a side show or circus leaving the passer by both amused and confused as to the functionalism within the clean lines of the contemporary city.

Citizens in the city

The exploration of consciousness from a photographic standpoint needs to take urban street photography into account as a modality of lived experience. So from the infrastructure to the integrated humanistic element within the city aims to capture the movement of people through gestures that give the city its sense of place.

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