Natural flow synonymous with very tiny scales.

The notion that particles go into a space, then smash into each other, and what comes out is an certain kind of momenta of other particles. This narrative associates with what happens in a particle accelerator. What this has to do with my art practice is related to the current set of works that deal with two sided visual mixed media with nine points of attachment. Wire attachments allow various angles appearing to have a certain momenta.

Artworks probable collision course as a quantum variable of its future.

The heading is a little tongue in cheek. However that said there is a thought experiment that becomes explicit through the works in question. So imagine two of the artworks flying out to an edge of a universe where they curve into each other. At that level of energy, if possible, the two artworks would be one and the same works given Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

The intentionality of these works

There is a philosophical impulse to this project. It is the theory of extending memory. It theorizes modes of semantic associations. There is an association between marks. Each mark projecting into a possible world. This depicts by the angular nature the artwork. The assemblage ascribes its positionality where the momenta is a position in relation to the anchor points. An anchor point on the periphery of a boundary acts as a space time, or box type universe. The box is a simple monad structure resembling a poverty of complexity but not profoundly interesting to observe.