Dry Tropics, Townsville, art studio and gallery.

Studio of mixed media and conceptual art

  • Located north/west of Townsville.
  • the works reflect an intrinsic sense of place.
  • Also a conceptual space from an international view.
  • Figurative photographic and mixed media abstraction.
dry tropics dirt road, traveller, Italo Giardina
Dry tropics traveller, research and development

Community development project

  • A sculpture community set within the dry tropics of Mamallapuram was my initial inspiration for mixed media conceptual.
  • Inspiration occured after the 2004 Tsunami when I happened to be travelling through the region, though stayed on for six month.
  • This turned into several sculpture projects. Townsville and Mission beach.
  • A short biographical account of italozazen.
italozazen dry tropics studio/gallery
urban locale, Townsville, italozazen artworks attached to fence
Italozazen, 206 Kerema street, Townsville 4811 - Phone: 0428172550 URL: https://www.italozazen.com.au
Saturday9:00 AM - 11:30 AM