My connection to arte povera

Art profile of Anselmo Giovanni

Anselmo , Giovanni. Born in Borgfranco d’Ivrea, 5 August 1934.
Associated with Arte Povera movement of which he was a member. Exhibited in Galleria Sperone, Turin 1968 up to 1987
Style: balancing cubes, floating bubles, suspended sheets of plexiglas and hanging chains, Anselmo had abandoned the traditional picture plane in an attempt to create a more direct representation of the themes of gravity and movement. He was striving for an immediate relation to the real world, both visible and invisible.
( Roberto Lambarelli)

Reflections on elements of style

Similarities that I have with Anselmo and Arte Povera.

A recent body of works that I have been engaging with since early 2020 has been in line with the themes of gravity and movement. There is an explicit angularity in the works by token of the nine points of attachment to the periphery. This allows the pieces to be stringed up at various angles to a box like periphery. Particle physics use theoretical box like universes to test the limits. The sense of the units with strings is a ostensible replica of a theoretical box universe.

Set of four suspension representational forms of travel, high mountains, disposable foam


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