About tropical art.

Morphology one

  1. About tropical art that correlates with an environmental ethic.
  • The land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community/society to include soils, waters, plants, and animals, or collectively: the land. (Aldo Leopold)
  • Tropical communities include a plethora of species that are part of community and can be interdependent with an art practice.
  • There is an extension from a moral obligation to an artistic obligation.
  • The creative impulse can enable environmental philosophy as expressionism through mixed media representations.
  1. Townsville is located in the dry tropical region, and an ideal locale for artist philosophical enquiry. The combination of mild coastal tropical heat and the extended dry period is ideal for a visual tactile art practice. This offers opportunities to explore modes of representation that are arguably the cornerstone of philosophy and literature. These intellectual arts tend to supervene on a visual primordialism of the artefact that ground the mind in a earthy materialism of objects.
  • Chiligo marble is close as are many interesting rock forms.
  • The climate offers ample opportunity to explore and photograph.
  • Coast areas offer a range of possible modes of representation.
  • The city has plenty of raw materials ideal for mixed media arts.
  • The dry tropics can give plenty of space and time to take on projects of scale.
What makes art tropical?

It’s intrinsic to a sort of lifestyle in the tropical zone. This sense of place may correlate to eating tropical fruit, the minimalism of clothing due to extreme heat, and a thick hat for heat absorption. The art created in the region may also reflect the tropical region.

Where can I view tropical artworks”

The dry tropics studio

Is there a video on the subject of tropical art?

Yes, I have a short video on a sculptural work

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