Early Austrailan artist influences.

Antoine Fauchery (1823-1861)Traveller and photographer of colonial exploits including prospectors in North Queensland. La Trobe collection, state library of Victoria. James Freeman (1814-1870) Professional photographer and experimentor in medium. John Glover (1767-1849) Early depictions of Australian bushland. Elizabeth Gould (1804-1841) Drawings of Australian birds. G.F. Gregory (1824-1887) high key paintings Continue reading

My connection to arte povera

Art profile of Anselmo Giovanni Anselmo , Giovanni. Born in Borgfranco d’Ivrea, 5 August 1934.Associated with Arte Povera movement of which he was a member. Exhibited in Galleria Sperone, Turin 1968 up to 1987Style: balancing cubes, floating bubles, suspended sheets of plexiglas and hanging chains, Anselmo had abandoned the traditional Continue reading