Peace performance (1984 to 1989)

peace performance

Standing for peace known as ‘million minutes of peace appeal, Gold Coast QLD, 1986
(Gold Coast times)

Peace performance

The Brahma Kumaris are a religious non governmental organisation (NGO). The BK’s conduct a contemporary version of the classic Patanjali Raja yoga. Therefore should been understood as BK school of yoga (BK site). The head quarters in India (BK site) were integral to my participating given my interest in travel.

Point of light meditation.

The practice of concentration has an emphasis on a point of light purported to be conscious and located within the frontal region of the head. Theory has it that an awareness gradually develops of a dimensionless sentient illumination. If the practice is done regularly and with due attention on cultivating a sense of spirituality in daily life then the result can be the experience of an increased well being and moral attributes.

Introduction to performance art.

This turned out to be a four year intensive ( key analysis blog). There was an element in performance arts, (million minutes of peace project). The highlight was travel to the Indian sub-continent each year. It was from 1985 to 1989 that I travelled to India each year to experience a life in the forest of honey ( Bk headquarters). This infused a sense of and distinctness in culture that could only occur through living abroad.

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