Sonic performances (1990-1993)

playing mouth harp

Holland, Amsterdam, Artist residence.

A meditation on harmonics.

There had been a gradual transition through enquiry into the ontology of soul/body dualism (general analysis blog) from the point of light silence meditation to a meditation on harmonics. It was to become the basis of my art practice from the early 90s to the early 2000s.

flute player
Holland, Amsterdam 1995

Experiments in sonic realisations.

The world music (wiki) phase gradually developed from aspiring to focus the mind on an eternal point but through eternal sound vibrations that led to higher positive valence (psychology) states of consciousness. It turned from a visual meditation to sonic based meditation for rarefied states of meditation (related analysis blog). Through festivals, private residences, small halls, bush music events, and gatherings a theory and practice developed that included the sound of hollow wood (how its done blog/gallery).

Meditation on harmonics as expressionism

A turn to the poetics of expression as an performance of artistic spiritualism (oxford article) was a turn from the previous phase of yogic disciplinarian methodology (historical analytic blog). It was at the beginning of the post world politics of a bi polar world balance of power struggles between the USA and then Soviet Union that led to a freshly minted international perspective. The decade had a focus on freedom of cultural expression. This eventually led me to another phase of discovery by enquiry through research (biographical blog).

conch shell blower
Mount Glorious, Brisbane art collective (personal musical collection). 1992

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