A BK RAJA YOGA life (reflections: 1984 to 1989)

life as a raj yogi

Life as a Brahma kumari yogi

The Brahma Kumaris (wiki), at least in my case, had at its core an element of performance . A couple of categories give the term ‘performance’ its context. Firstly, the explicit sense of being in a new religious movement (interest analysis blog). Secondly, a subjective performance (interest analysis blog) as personal identity. There is another extended sense to the spiritual pod. Citizenship within public spaces. This is where the million minutes of peace advocacy had an authentic performance art sense, widely understood as street theatre.

BK raja yogi Soul/body theorist

The theory of soul had simplicity of being a tiny point of light . If the claim were true then from that premise another premise might follow. You are not the body, and might reside in a possible world such as the soul world. This possibility led to an intellectual quest. Is dualism true?

Exhibiting BK raja yogi discourse through the visual arts.

Performance art was a way to engage the public. A lived experience is the life as a yogi. A method to advocate peace. This advocacy was done primarily through exhibiting large posters. I frequented weekly markets in the region.

Life as a BK raja yogi offered connections.

The Gold coast centre was the location to do sitting group meditation and discussion. Also the centre offered informal encounters. However I used it mostly to give the course through a one hour daily sessions.

Historic connections to nation

The historic sense of the BK’s link to a British India (wiki) and to the new interpretation of the Indian tradition of caste that correlates to the movements early historical foundations (wiki). International out reach began in the United Kingdom through the establishment of a centre in 1971 .

Images of authenticity

The recollections of Indian style attire was of authenticity. A sense of belonging to a group, possibly. I wore this to functions and teachings, as well as when exhibiting the posters at markets. It was a key feature of the performance art for the million minutes of peace public standing human exhibitions.

A purist outlook

However the purist element was about integrating an ethical vision. This purported methodology had been a core feature, consisting of ethical values, grounded in revelation. A key revelation being a reformist element of a classic Hindu account of a cosmic cycle . It was this syncretism (wiki) of blending Western imaginary with the foundations of Classical Indian Metaphysics that had an uncanny appeal, with travels abroad and of the mind (key analysis blog), in my case revelatory too.