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Music GIG is a syncretic gnostic artwork

Music gig as an artwork consists of a steel frame with fibre glass core gives the work a robust sense. That allows the artwork to be weather resistant as well as hung at multiple angles and in those uncanny locations. A process of sublimation printing enabled the side A depiction has been covered with a resin for further protection.

The work reflects features of the tropical north.

Tropical North Queensland has its music gig culture similar to the capital cities where dream power remains the guide to many an artist. Side B depicts a photographic element of a bird in flight along with a figure reaching out that represents the animated nature of the event in non human terms. There is an article on object photography that dives into the metaphysics of this art practice.

The concept of syncretic gnostic.


The notion that music has many influences and so becomes a blend of styles. The core cultural tenant of syncretism is that in general in times of peaceful transitions religions blend with local traditions as is the case with the major world religions. It is in this sense that artforms reflect this transition including languages that change over time.


The implicit transcendence associated with music and ritual leads to a new kind of knowledge. This can be associated with a conscious awareness of being a kind of perceiving subject, along with a deep tribal connection to people and musical styles and tastes. An music event is a special for it gives a sense of freedom from the usual daily routine. It is in this spirit I created the artwork as a homage to youth and musical transcendence. A retrospective of artwork from the early 1990’s gives a backdrop to this artwork.

Is it within a current body of works

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