Himalayan peaks and Himalayan art.

Start with high altitude treks.

  • the challenge of high altitude treks is to endure long hicks so to do Himalayan art.
  • its climbing without the need to put on specific climbing gear.
  • a great way to document the peaks close up and view Himalayan buddhist art.

How to depict the alpine region?

  • 2020 early lock down that I began to sense a need to travel again (last trip was in 2017) to the Himalayan region.
  • representation and travel through the virtual medium.
  • notion of climbing that I decided to do a compare and contrast with spiked climbing as a general pursuit.
  • tree climbers use spikes as do mountain climbers. The sense of elevation, risk, and exhilaration of being at the peak or canopy region has similar psychological parallels.

Who might go on such an artist adventure?

Time lapse photography of spiked climber.

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