Imagining climbing 8000

artwork by I. Giardina

This mixed media art piece stands as a testament to the artist’s deep-seated fascination with journeys, both literal and metaphorical. It is an ode to the daring adventures across the Himalayan Eight-thousanders, a region that pushes the limits of human endurance and spirit. At its core, this piece is an exploration of the precarious balance between exhilaration and danger, a narrative woven seamlessly into the fabric of the artwork.

The work’s initial impression from afar is one of abstraction, a visual metaphor for the unpredictability and enigma of these treacherous journeys. Yet, as one draws nearer, a transformation unfolds. Intricate figurines begin to emerge, either intentionally crafted or born from serendipitous moments. These figures encapsulate the disorienting yet enlightening experience of travel, harking back to the artist’s earlier endeavors in depicting yogi forms, a study in the resilience and adaptability of the human form and spirit.

Constructed with a diverse array of materials – fiberglass, fabric prints, oil paint, marble, resin cast, photographic prints, lino cuts, air-dry clay, and surrounded by a steel periphery with wire – this piece is a symphony of textures and mediums. This blend reflects the artist’s journey since 2008, a continuous evolution in artistic practice and expression.

One of the most striking features of this artwork is the series of prints along one side, portraying the dry tropical zones of Australia and its semi-desert landscapes. Here, the artist melds the ruggedness of motorcycle and bicycle journeys with the raw beauty of nature, creating a narrative that spans continents and experiences.

In progress since 2018, this piece is a living artwork, continually evolving with added elements as the artist’s vision deepens and expands. Rooted in a material arts practice that began around 2006, the work still retains marble as a central element, symbolizing the enduring nature of both art and the journeys it represents. This piece is not just a visual experience but a journey through the artist’s evolving perspective, a convergence of high modernism with the distinctive voice of an outsider artist.

Artworks by Italo Giardina