Himalayan art series: 1

Inspiration for Alpine High

Travel to even the lower sections of the Himalayan region is a minor revelation in itself. The vistas, people, and housing reveal a perspective of an almost otherworldly sense of place. Himalayan art encourages atmospheric hues of the alpine region that depict this region from a compositional aspect. The primary challenge is to create a sense of the rugged terrain. A methodology of building up and scouring the surface. The layering of paint. Multiple applications of resin on photo images begin to reveal the Alpine perspective. A retrospective of art and travel from the 1990’s gives a backdrop to the Himalayan series.

Himalayan art. Side A:

The thickset frame forms the basis for supporting a supervening pattern along the edge of the rectangular frame. A resin block covers painterly lino cut situated central of the sculptural painterly. The lino cut out depicts the Himalayan region, which vaguely emerges, as if from a deep misty blizzard swirling about the glacial peaks. On the right side is a resemblance of a meditator facing the mountain. The village at the bottom left traversed with a bike.

Himalayan art: Side B

Silk forms the backdrop for an animated depiction of a climber. There is a correlation between siding A as the figure appears to straddle possibly a glacial craves. The notion being to test out all human instincts for survival. If side A is the locale’s sense, side B is the sense of human and nature as in the romantic tradition post neoclassicism.

Construction of Alpine High

Use of resin for Himalayan art.

There are two functions for the resin. The first is to give a protective light coat applied to certain paints and materials. However, I usually paint over the resin again and then scratch, scour into the surface. The following function of resin is to create a pronounced magnification effect. Resin poured into an enclosed area, so a magnification of area. Within a color field of the entire work, this technique of thick resin build-up has a calming aesthetic for the whole piece by giving a place for the eye to meditate amongst the business of color.

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