Mixed media conceptual arts in Townsville, FNQ.

Mixed media dry tropics artist.

A mixed media artwork by Artist Italo GIardina based in FNQ, Townsville.

The ideal locale for mixed media conceptual. Set within a light industrial zone near to Townsville. So this city also gives ample excess to country.

What makes this mixed media?

  • an interdependency of media for conceptual purposes.
  • the use of fine artist oils to industrial fiberglass.
  • a combination of resin as well as natural fiber and stone.
  • also photographic elements through a layer of resin.

Photographic elements.

  • a consideration of various compositional points of view .
  • set of sequences for narrative purposes.
  • an overarching conceptual element.
  • function of print as figurative manifest image over the scientific abstractionism.
Where is the dry tropics?

A section of Northern Queensland Australia that includes the Townsville region.

What is mixed media art?

A form of art conceptual realism that incorporates bits of consumer culture like the 1970’s tape recorder for eyes in this mixed media work constructed around 2012. (italozazen)

Is there further explanation?

Yes, I have a short video on a mixed media sculpt.

Where can I view more?

Gallery 2 or at the dry tropics studio