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Tropical cat theory

A syncretic art media composition

The diptych core being fiberglass with the printed fabric of tropical cat, overlock stitched onto the centre. A surface application of tonal colour is built up with adhesives powder. The fiberglass has an application of resin and a steel frame attached through multiple nodes of wire. Various paints are applied, from oils, acrylic, and fabric paint to the robust resin paints added to fiberglass that forms the border over the built-up clay sections, which also surround the photographic prints of rainforest birds. Historical reference to earlier works inform this series.

A theory about endangered species, and its relation to art

Schrodinger’s cat theory qua tropical cat is set within the resin depiction as contingent. Its contingency is dependent on refraction and reflection. So from an observer perspective, each observer (bird) has a probability function of a cat encounter. Therefore each bird is both dead and alive. 

Philosophy of figurative abstraction.

This diptych has resemblances appearing as cats and birds either side.

Environmental interpretation

Endangered species and tropical cat.

The notion of native birds being endangered species threatened by feral cats also plays a part in this work. The cat is treading on a chain between the birds. The print photographic depictions are object photographic. These prints are covered in resin and form an obscure magnification of rainforest birds that inhabit Australia’s cassowary coastal region. 

Abstraction as a tropical cat probability

Abstraction with string emerging from the side eludes the popular notion of string theory in line with particle physics. The possibility of subatomic particles moving through the diptych riffs on Schrodinger’s cat theory. The colour abstraction a probability function of the diptych as an art coin to be flipped as cat/birds or abstract.