artwork by I. Giardina

Premise for the body of works

A homage to journeys taken as possibly a trek through the Himalayan region also known as the Eight-thousanders’. It about the perilous outcomes for those who venture past their limits. This piece’s focus is on the sense of adventure. As a photographic depiction on side A illustrates through experience of the riding a classic motor cycle along the winding roads is an exhilarating form of entertainment but with a profound sense of mystery as ancient relics and walkers emerge from now where.

Emergent elemental forms

The view of the work from a distant is abstract. However though upon closer inspection figurines emerge. These have been intentionally created, or through serendipity, and attempt to capture the travel sense of dislocation that can happen on trips through the region. These works have a foundation in my earlier art practice around yogi forms that were developed as a way to explore variable states of endurance.

A mixed media four sided artwork.

A four sided multi media construct using fibreglass core with fabric prints, oil paint, marble, resin caste, photographic prints, lino cut sections, air dry clay, steel periphery and and wire. This practice began in 2008. The series of prints along the side depicts the dry tropical zone of Australia and its semi desert trails navigated with a motorcycle and bicycle too.

Trek is a work in progress.

The works have been in progress since 2018 with bibs and bobs added as a vision emerges along the line of a theme that covers a few pieces. It began as a material arts practice around 2006 and has gradually transformed but still includes marble as a feature within the works.