Travel for art

What could an art traveller be?

A set of travel for art practices

I recall traveling through towns both in Australia and overseas. It’s about the art of seeing a place from multiple points of view. However, this is contrasted with travel to see sites as defined by a travel agency. So, art traveller practice is one of encounter. We, therefore, see objects and artifacts in new ways qualified by a given identity. So photography and writing, as well as the vlogs, become tools for expressing travel art. The article outdoor art: a philosophical guide to its place in the tropics explores these topics in a general sense.

Travel for art

A traveller committed to travel for purposes of pilgrimage, seeking liberation from platitudes in life. A question about secular art forms and travel to galleries. Could this be a form of liberation from platitudes of life? Easy travel within a city where an urbanite may transcend through traveling within by token of the art object. So it is from within the impulse may lead to forms of encounter with new representational systems of knowledge.

A group function to exhibit some form of content

The group function as a form of life in that the speech conforms to perception. To quote Ludwig Wittgenstein.

What is the criterion of the visual experience?-The criterion? What do you suppose? The representation of ‘what is seen’.

Philosophical investigations. 169

The art object supervenes as a connotational representation by being associated with cultural content. So the art traveller may function as an intermediary between ‘forms of life’ as Wittgenstein notes in Philosophical investigations.

A travel for art lifestyle choice

It was sometime around 2000 that I met a couple who claimed to have sold all there real estate in order to do full time travel. Fast forward to 2020 and they are still exploring regions artefacts, cuisine and with some satire of the our times, albeit slowed down due to current world events.

The art traveller pursues a lifestyle through choice of destination. However the super transient variety can make it into an art object. Therefore the art of reportage as a form of grass roots democracy. So by traversing geographical formations a objective cultural forms emerges. These are lived experiences of lifestyle. So as the traveller takes part in objective culture that develops into an art traveller.

What is between art and travel?

An interdependent relation.

  • The individual or small group passes through geographical spots.
  • A function of practices between groups or persons .
  • Lockes’ primary qualities, and secondary qualities create content of mind.

The aethetic romanitic.

  • romantic is usually an individual
  • has a sense of place within a grand narrative.

So an account of the nomad traverses the great Australian emptiness in search for creative moments that lead to one or another sense of being grounded in the context of and extended temporal event that gives meaning out there in a landscape of desert and emerald seas crashing onto the formation of rock. For it is the new meaning s of life that a cultural nomad is in search for through a plethora of creative interface modalities.

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relation between art and travel