Ontological project

Ontological project

Ontological project, about the soul

The ontological project is philosophic. It was in my case was complete from the perspective of it being a search or quest. There was a sense that the decades project of refining consciousness and understanding different approaches needed a fresh approach. I had assumed consciousness as a substance. That substance had properties. Therefore I could find properties of consciousness like a miner seeks gold in different locales.

The sceptics ontological project

It was this quest I had to give up once I had come to re evaluate my ontological assumptions were far from certain due to contradiction within the core assumptions such as the soul is a non physical point or consciousness in an all pervading substrate of the universe or the universe is but one conscious entity, or that the opposite is true as in only materialism So becoming a sceptic inadvertently made the ontological project complete.

Cosmological revisionism as ontological project.

Also I had thrashed out theories around the existence of God, the problem of evil from various theological angles. The cosmic cyclic drama could be true as a possible world but the whole Millenarianism (wiki) of a coming new age lost credibility, given predictive errors. Also the consequences seemed unrealistic where humans in the new age seem anti humanistic or p zombies (wiki). There was a sense of closure and uncertainty, but with an humanistic styled optimism of being alive. There was a sense of revisionism by token of researching living traditions (travel blog) but from the perspective of the outsider rather than a being a member of a new religious movement.

The art object as the existential fulfilling empty referent

It is through visual arts projects begun with more focus from 2005 –after the 2004 tsunami that nearly claimed me– that gave an opportunity to ask the questions from within a particular art work. It was an authentic methodology form a person who had the spirit of being a philosopher of 20/21 century but not an academic as such, needing the fresh air of adventure into travel or if that was not always possible the travel into an art project.