Pilgrims quest. 1994 to 2005

An eclectic turn

Pilgrims quest revisited.

The group focused Brahma kumaris style transformed to a new arts phase. It was my forth visit to India as part of the BK raja yoga movement (1989) and fortunately it so happened an opportunity presented for an international volunteer to participate at a traditional Hindu festival (Kumbh Mela).

The paradigm shift.

Enquiry into lifestyle and traditions.

It was this shift in focus (1995 to 2005) that gave a sense of a quest. The quest to reveal a sublime truth. A truth that could be revealed gradually through a survey of yogic schools within India (key analysis). The change in style was from performance art to expressionism (biographical). This expressive quality became evident through movement/dance. There were many gatherings at various locales (solar eclipse in the desert) and even the established schools of yoga. Secondly, a shift from the traditional Yoga teacher/student role (historical) to humanistic encounters.

Yoga research, academia, and pilgrimage.

The yoga enclave can apply to a host of international non governmental organisations (NGO’s). There are various religious based Hindu NGO’S that exist within the classical paradigm: soul-rebirth-release. I noticed a similarity as if these international religious NGO’s were a spiritual pod‘ (key analysis blog). This observation alone was a motivation to seek outside the bubble and take an eclectic approach (key biographical page) surveying various modes of religious expressionism that could be loosely labelled as the New Age Movement (analysis page). It was from 1998 to 2004 my studies took on an academic approach (page on studies). after which in 2005 I took to research in India. However after a narrow escape from the 2004 Tsunami event I then embarked on participating in a South Indian pilgrimage. It was shortly after the pilgrimage that I took up stone carving lessons with a traditional sculptors’ guild whist in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India