Tropical Townsville! 4 reasons why it’s great for outdoor art.

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The outdoor art solution!

  1. The dry tropics region along the coast is an excellent location for inspiration.
  • Use twine thread hitches (below) to hitch to objects.
  • Construct multiple points of attachment.
  •  It can give an added perspective by positioning the unit.

2. You might consider the plethora of possibilities.

  • Place tables in the open.
  • Allow elements to interact with the works.
  • Permit ample time for features to emerge.

3. There are plenty of opportunities to do outdoor photography.

4. The ability to easily explore remote locales and create relevant artworks.

  • Historic mining sites with settlements.
  • Indigenous culture and lifestyle.
  • contemporary expressions of culture.
Mixed media artwork by Italo Giardina, FNQ, Townsville
Angular flow
Can I view any artwork being created from scratch?

Yes, I have a short video on marble being split.