artwork by I. Giardina

Biographical rationale

In the tapestry of Mr. Italozazen’s artistic odyssey, the biographical content bifurcates into distinct yet interwoven periods, each reflective of the evolving ethos and inquiries that mark his journey. The post-2005 era can be seen as a period of convergence, where interdisciplinary and multimedia art practices coalesce under the banner of “projects.” This era is characterized by a pronounced emphasis on pictorial representational art, a canvas where the visual narrative speaks the dialect of mixed media, echoing the syncretic nature of Mr. Italozazen’s experiences and studies, from the dry tropics of Roseneath to the philosophically rich environs of the JCU library.

The pre-2005 section, on the other hand, is steeped in the performative and the philosophical, a testament to Mr. Italozazen’s foundational years where the seeds of inquiry germinated in the fertile soil of thought and expression. This period is chronicled both chronologically and thematically, suggesting a journey through time that is as much about the evolution of ideas as it is about the art itself. It harks back to a time where the performative aspect of art was intertwined with the philosophical, reflecting a deep engagement with the classical cannons of both Western and Indian philosophy, resonating with the intellectual spirits of Russell, Wittgenstein, and the profound depths of the Upanishads and Patanjali.

The narrative structure of Mr. Italozazen’s biographical content, thus, is not merely a chronological account but a thematic exploration of an artist’s quest for truth, expressed through the medium of art and performance, underpinned by a philosophical quest that is both personal and universal.

Biographical sequence from 2005.

Biographical sequence prior to 2005

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