Arid climb

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General overview of artwork.

A robust weighty two sided artwork. Arid Climb Side A: Multiple layers of paint, putty, fabric and resin on a steel framed fibre glass plate. The human outline abstract form has as its torso a resin covered print. This is a photograph depicting a palm trunk. There is a vague outline of a rope that attaches to a climber which happens to be the producer of this work. Hence the Text on the left side: CLIMB.

Arid Climb Side B: The outline of vintage farm machine (photographic fabric print) is covered with various painterly pigments. It varies from oils and acyrilics, fabric paints and ink. The resin covered images are that of termit mound and the edge of a small town in arid zone of Queensland (Almaden).

About observing place

Arid climb is in part to do with palm climbing, and the nature of the dry tropical zone. Its part of a series about the arid region of Queensland. Another artwork explores mining relics. The embedded features are three photographic prints. Themes being to do with movement by way of vegetative, human and insectoid. Travel by bike along Australian East coast influenced the artworks on arid landscapes.

About two side artworks

Modes of representation

There is a rationale to producing content of similar quality on both sides a plate. Firstly its about taking advantage of the material properties of the medium which is a fibre glass core. Secondly its about semantic content. The references which are hidden from view. Thirdly there is a painterly sculptural element to the construction. I find that fusing these elements together fits well for syncretic gnostic artforms.