Steel binary

artwork by I. Giardina

A binary within a binary.

The exploration of steel binary can led the project down a rabbit hole. The steel frame in this instance resembles a protective shell of the more vulnerable painterly object. It has a connotation to mind/body formulation, and to a degree consciousness as a qualitative feature within the cage of modernity. It is here the steel binary within the binary takes its reference. The other side of the painterly object has a painterly sculptural side too. Its the non visible aspect of the explicit binary. The representation is that consciousness is a first person subjective feature of lived experience, but not objectively experienced as is the case with the other side of this painterly object. However the steel frame forms the feature easy to realise similar to how human psychology is predictable and known by behaviour and verbal output.

The works of steel binary links to my earlier works where I explored large three dimensional works on the nature of consciousness through chimera.

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