Sonic harmonics

sonic harmonics

Experimental instruments

The hollow wood drone was the basis for performance in Brisbane. However this extended concentration by sonic harmonics was enhanced by the awareness through resonance of many methodologies. The theory of using the circular breathing as a yogic means to build prana (yoga breathing exercise) circles that could flow into the basic drone. This would lead to extended refined concentration on not just the drone but any topic of interest.

Sonic harmonics group approach.

This really was somewhat of a integrated group approach, giving the whole venture a somewhat similar feel to my days of life as a Raja Yogi through group encounters, exchanging techniques and basically having more fun through enclaves such as formed groups like Bohemia. The gong along with hollow wood drone interlaced with rhythmic drum beats would often be played within a tipi.

Visual arts as a form of creativity.

The use of mandala creations became one the first visionary syncretic (wiki) forms for exploration as well as machine elves, Avatars, M.C. Escher’s (wiki) tessellated geometrical forms , neon zones.

Natural spaces for sonic resonance

The important feature apart from the instrumental function to create a harmonic tone is what might be described an awareness of consciousness as qualitatively fine grained perceptions. It was to reach a conscious experience of transcendence from platitudes of lived experience. The inspiration for this experimental pursuit was due to taking an eclectic approach to attaining mystical states of consciousness. So this turned into the pursuit to find the right set and setting such as caves in Australia or abandoned temples ruins in the Indian sub continent.