Sculpture trail

Pigawary sculptural

Sculpture trail and digital materialism

A series of videos that explore the artworks in progress in the environment of the wet tropical zone of Australia. Also there are experimental digital manipulations of the various multi media material constructions which are a way to create simulations that could in the future be a form of digital realism identical to being in the organic structure of reality.

Informative video’s

Artistic renditions of artworks through digital manipulation.

The initial two shorts are animations of suspended resin binaries. Tropical metaphysics is an extended slow moving study of various multi media artworks of this steel encased binary. Animated mixed media is an immersive somewhat abstracting encounter with five of the current binaries in various stages. Swamp tramp is a wet lands encounter with bird life from an animated sense of place. Palm climber is footage captured of block cutting wet tropical palms that appear in the urban environment of the dry tropics.

Artistic renditions of travel.

The initial three shorts are in relation to travel and participation in workshop pertaining to stone sculpture at Mahabalipuram . The following shorts are animations of my general travel experience through street photography.