Personal identity,the art object and travel.

The following account is based on Derek Parfit theory of identity known as the teletransportation paradox.

  • Personal identity suggests the same person who begins the art work project is the same person who finished the artwork, therefore the author of the artwork .
  • Personal identity suggests travel over distance entails the same person beginning the journey is the same that ends the journey.
  • These accounts suggest a philosophical bias to the ego theory of what it is to be a person.

Ego theory verses Bundle theory

  • person persists as a mental thing- a soul, or spirit
  • a person is a material thing but has a supervening series of mental states or events- a person, social identity.

Art object as ego or bundle theory

  • art object as contingent on either a soul/spirit or a series of mental events
  • art object persists as a reflection of a soul so exists as a statement of soul
  • art object persists as a social event attributed to a persons life phase

Artist belief and unbelief

Suppose a public artist entered a workshop sealed off from any outside interference as an artist pod. The artist then presses a button that sets off a quantum scanner that records all brain states and cellular structure attributed to the creative process. The belief is a new art project. Hopefully, an outcome will be an artwork to be exhibited at a central gallery. Your choice as an artist is to either believe in the ego theory or bundle theory. You begin to work on the block of marble.

Thought experiment

However, unbeknown to the artist a replica of that artist , the scan produces a replica. Replica begins at the same instant in another art pod at the opposite pole position on earth. The outcome of the resultant artworks is identical in all visible respects. Question being , can an artwork be ascribed to one and only one artist? (The account is a reworking of the teletransportation paradox thought experiment)

Comparing the ego theory to bundle theory as to teletransportation paradox.

  • ego theorist might say there are two bodies but one original ego/soul.
  • therefore one artwork attributed to one and only on ego/soul
  • bundle theorist might say, there are to identical sets of physical and mental process.
  • therefore there must be two artworks attributed to two sets of physical/mental process operating in distinct spacial categories.

Will the artwork be yours?

So on the first account the artwork must be yours. There would be no doubt of originality that even if the two works had been swapped by the gallery staff. However on the second account it becomes less clear. Arguably there are two distinct artworks that look the same but attributed to distinct persons with their reasons.


206 Kerema street
Townsville, QLD 4811
Phone: 0428172550

Chakra tropical

Tropical sculpture Townsville

A mixed media palm, sound system parts, paint, resin sculpture by artist Italo Giardina, FNQ, Townsville.
Chakra palm sculpture

Chakra tropical and the tropics.

  • Constructed in the dry and wet tropics.
  • Tropical palms have a vibrant sense and easy to sculpt.
  • The urban sense of place as related to palms.
  • The material sourced from within a tropical region
  • The palm as a living energy sculpture.
  • Chakra tropical as a homage to yoga phenomenology.

North Queensland palm sculpture

  • There is an abundance of urban palms for sculpture in Townsville.
  • Chakra tropical reflects the vibrant sense of place.
Is that a palm?

Yes its a recycled cuban royal palm that had been located in Townsville.

Why was it cut down?

If very tall, and roots become exposed in conjunction with strong winds like a cyclone they can cause damage to urban infrastructure. palm climbed for deseeding in Townsville

Can I view the initial process?

Yes, I have a short time lapse,.

How to do art photography: sculptural forms?

  1. Aim for a good set of prime lenses for art photography.
  • Super wide 24mm lens: epic landscape; encompassing interior.
  • Documentary 50mm lens: street; humanistic; general purpose.
  • telephoto Portrait 150mm lens: ideal proportions, close-up street scenes.
  • super telephoto 600mm: landscape compression; wildlife capture.

2. Selection of art photography to place into a mixed media format.

  • self contained, or blend into media as a photographic choice.
  • Will it be verging on abstraction or figurative?
  • Will the photo be codependent or independent of other images?
  • Is there a theme that will form a body of work?

Conceptualism balanced with empiricism. However through experimentation too to test intuitions with your home-made intuition pump. An independent studio space is a great ali for this kind of mixed media experimentalism.

3. How to place the art photography within a mixed media?

  • The print should be initially coated with a protective solution.
  • Place the print within the mixed media.
  • Composition is about perspective so use an adhesive as the decisive moment.
  • Layering resins on top of the image can bring out a magnification of the image.
  • construct a container (putty, paper, wax) around the image for resin.

Mixed media conceptual arts in Townsville, FNQ.

Mixed media dry tropics artist.

A mixed media artwork by Artist Italo GIardina based in FNQ, Townsville.

The ideal locale for mixed media conceptual. Set within a light industrial zone near to Townsville. So this city also gives ample excess to country.

What makes this mixed media?

  • an interdependency of media for conceptual purposes.
  • the use of fine artist oils to industrial fiberglass.
  • a combination of resin as well as natural fiber and stone.
  • also photographic elements through a layer of resin.

Photographic elements.

  • a consideration of various compositional points of view .
  • set of sequences for narrative purposes.
  • an overarching conceptual element.
  • function of print as figurative manifest image over the scientific abstractionism.
Where is the dry tropics?

A section of Northern Queensland Australia that includes the Townsville region.

What is mixed media art?

A form of art conceptual realism that incorporates bits of consumer culture like the 1970’s tape recorder for eyes in this mixed media work constructed around 2012. (italozazen)

Is there further explanation?

Yes, I have a short video on a mixed media sculpt.

Where can I view more?

Gallery 2 or at the dry tropics studio

Modal realism & art.

What is modal realism.

The view that the world at any instance could be distinct in some way from the present state of affairs. That is so long as there is no contradiction of any state of affairs. (see grandfather paradox)

What has modal realism got to do with art?

Any ascribed art object is an ordinary object. Though possibly any ordinary object could never be an art object. Therefore ordinary objects could be art objects.

Necessity of the art object

The problem modal realism poses to the artistic pursuit is the rendering of a possible world, as actual. Actual as a necessary condition, therefore denoting the object/art as possible if imagined to be true. However, if the name links to a referent, it is an art object by token of being actual. However, this faces the problem outlined by Russel pertaining to the existence of persons in relation to a description. Kripke, a contemporary philosopher, suggests the ‘cluster concept theory’. A series of concepts gives a more robust meaning to a name. The philosophical point: is this the case in all possible worlds? A couple more questions. Could art exist in all possible worlds? Could art have no resemblance if in another world? So if not art in all possible worlds, what makes it art in this world?

Art object as true in all possible worlds.

Artists who ponder the philosophical foundations fall into two primary camps. The realist material world theorists, or idealists mental construct theorists. However, a third and often overlooked option, is a possible world realism. The first two categories lay within the literature of art history. Realism pertains to anthropological material culture as an artifact. Idealism is the characteristic Romantic style. Its vouchsafed by anything external to the individual, in a bid for passionate personal commitment. The lifestyle or idealistic goal. Possible worlds relate to contingent identity. An art object is contingent to a referent. The referent may go by different names. However only a particular could be the creator of that object in all possible worlds. This entails a cluster of concepts that ‘rigidly designates’ between object and referent. This compatibilist approach to realism and idealism takes on many forms.

Modality realism as distinct essences pertaining to objects

A thought experiment around modal realism.

Sculptures X and Y have the identical form. That is each sculpture is made from the same caste.
Sculptures X and Y also have identical aggregate or material substance. That is the pile of sand and cement are similar in content.
Are both sculptures identical?
Well in the sense that an observer could not identify X from Y they seem to be in form and content copies.

However, if X and Y have distinct modal essences then a divergence would take place once the aggregate is caste.
That is each sculpture has distinct modal properties.

X could be different from Y by token of being separated by space-time. According to the theory of relativity, the change in each object would make each object distinct if that object travelled at the speed of light. Identity necessarily changes if sculpture X went at a relative speed to sculpture Y by token of being at any given distance form Y. The following puzzle ensues. If X could possibly be different in a conceivable world then arguably it would be so just as X and Y are different relative to factors of physicalist relativity theory.

A painterly depiction as image trace from photo of Artist, Italo Giardina, with marble sculpture of Cassowary. A modal artistic real depiction.
A modal artistic real depiction given an image trace of a real photographic image.