Himalayan series

Each fiberglass plate has depictions on either side that inform each other. The mixed media consists of a fiberglass core with layered resin, lino, oils, acrylics, silk, with nine points of attachment. The units are to be placed within an installation that consists of a steel frame that will permit a higher level of complexity to emerge that will resemble the rugged terrain.

The fourteen highest peaks of the world make up the core representational element. However, the extension leads to issues about dived humanity and the mind/body problem. Also, the “Clash of Civilization” forms a Segway into international relations issues that are currently played out within this region.  

  • Mixed media (fiberglass, acylic, oils, resin, print, wire)by Italozazen (Italo Giardina)
    K2 with depictions of monkeys,. Mixed media of mountains over eight thousand meters.

Artworks by Italo Giardina