Himalayan Hiatus

The encounter with place Morphology one is a work in mixed media. It has structural properties that reflect encounters with place .

Stylistic place elements

Philosophy of place

Thematic qualities

  • Sense of Place as analogous with familiar objects
  • Anarchic field holds the objective content
  • layered regions obscure content

Encounters with place explained

The stylistic elements allow for encounters with place. It is through various art traditions such as carving and painting that form a basis to explore the philosophy. The core component to the works are philosophical investigations into the nature of encounter. What is it for a person to move as a traveller to a place? It is the use of various assemblages that the works begin to investigate how logical intuition moves intentional states.

A two sided approach enables a methodological dualism to evolve as mind is explored on one side and the body on another. The entire field being a hyper idealism. The idealism as associated with Hegelian philosophy is in this instance more influenced through the idealism of philosophical traditions of Hinduism.

Encounters with place comes together when thematic qualities emerge. There is a layering quality that plays with an anarchic positioning of objects. The anarchic properties reflect realist theory attributed to international relations diplomatic discourse. The notion that encounters with place is a national pastime, that has only recently in modern history become the playground for international tourism marking an affluent lifestyle.

The artworks expresses this globalist modernisation through photographic elements as well as the placement of tourist gift items as handy craft within some of the works.