Consciousness is huge

artwork by I. Giardina

Globular blobs infers consciousness is huge.

The concept of consciousness is huge which may have been the reason I took to constructing a form of globular blob frames. The globular blobs are pertaining to clusters of dense materials on the edge of the frame as latex. This correlates to neural pathways that interconnect and are interdependent. The connotation that these regions are non-local and therefore ‘consciousness is huge’. The phenomenology is that of the extended sense of consciousness.

What is it they represent?

The structures represent consciousness without the necessary boundaries. The normal conception of self is that of a conscious self inhabiting a unitary organic structure referred to as a human being. Further more it is to express the fine grained neural pathways. The myriad of depictions within the depicted frame artwork is associated mammalian head.

Consciousness is huge as a metaphor for movement.

The other way was to move outwards into space. The sense of gravitational force is invoked through the crumpling steel frame.

The use of mixed media

Prints embedded with resin poured over the top.

This embedding is in relation themes relating to content of mind. The aim is to create an overall contemplative energy.