Chakra tropical

Tropical sculpture Townsville

A mixed media palm, sound system parts, paint, resin sculpture by artist Italo Giardina, FNQ, Townsville.
Chakra palm sculpture

Chakra tropical and the tropics.

  • Constructed in the dry and wet tropics.
  • Tropical palms have a vibrant sense and easy to sculpt.
  • The urban sense of place as related to palms.
  • The material sourced from within a tropical region
  • The palm as a living energy sculpture.
  • Chakra tropical as a homage to yoga phenomenology.

North Queensland palm sculpture

  • There is an abundance of urban palms for sculpture in Townsville.
  • Chakra tropical reflects the vibrant sense of place.
Is that a palm?

Yes its a recycled cuban royal palm that had been located in Townsville.

Why was it cut down?

If very tall, and roots become exposed in conjunction with strong winds like a cyclone they can cause damage to urban infrastructure. palm climbed for deseeding in Townsville

Can I view the initial process?

Yes, I have a short time lapse,.