A brief overview of 2023

Step into a realm where art meets intellect, and visual storytelling transcends mere aesthetics—welcome to the Italozazen mixed media and digital content. Explore themes as diverse and profound as the intricacies of consciousness, and the perplexing dimensions of syncretic art dualism.

This digital stage is a natural extension of the Italozazen art studio, a space where abstract concepts find palpable form and philosophical musings come alive. Each animation serves as a visual essay, synthesizing complex themes in an artistic format, as if Bertrand Russell and the Upanishads found expression in the language of color, form, and movement.

Embark on this compelling journey through the intellectual and artistic landscape by following the link below. Immerse yourself in a universe where each frame is a question, each animation an answer, and every viewing an opportunity for existential reflection.

For further profiles on the syncretic art titled GIG ; POP art voices